Lantern Festival

 photo woodblock 2_zps354my5zt.jpg

lantern festival—
the empty one in her hand
giving off no light
~~ ~~ ~~
lantern festival—
certain that the others’ light
will guide her footsteps
~~ ~~ ~~
evening festival—
hillsides absorbing the light
from ten thousand lamps

© 2015 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. How well you paint the picture with your words Magical!

  2. Sometimes we feel alone and our lanterns puff out..but perhaps if we look up and trust.. others will indeed light our way – magic!

  3. you paint a lovely picture of the lantern festival makes me want to see it.

  4. oh, poor girl with no light. these are lovely!

  5. How wonderful to be together in a procession giving light to each other!


  6. Lovely haikus! I especially like the last one

  7. lantern festival seems interesting, beautifully penned

    My take on 3WW : Haiku – Tolerance

  8. Love the story woven in this triplet.

  9. Well done! Enjoyed the building of the poetry layers!

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