photo DSC_0003201_zpsm58rada5.jpg
Cattle Track Arts Compound, Scottsdale, Arizona

from one small kitchen
hidden among the shadows
the fragrance of soup

Haiku and photo © 2016 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio

    Oh, now I”m hungry! I love soups! And I love this sweet spot that you found.

  2. oh, yum, now I’m in need of some vegetable soup!

  3. The shadows are dark – however, the smell of homemade soup is so delectable I’ll see my way through the shade on my way to lunch…

  4. what a lovely image and haiku!

  5. Lovely perspective of the fence line. Those posts are beautifully textured with character.

  6. Oh fine! Now I’m yearning for a bif bowl of soup. LOL

  7. Cool shadow, must be welcome in the desert heat !

  8. There is nothing quite like the smell of other peoples cooking as it is so inviting.

  9. nice line of fence (with a secretive ‘window’ to peak inside).

  10. I think you have served up a bowl of comfort – thank you..most delicious and satisfying..

  11. Great fence and the smell of a good soup is always great.

  12. Lovely picture, and I can smell the soup from here!

  13. I could smell it in your words…..

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