photo DSC_0084201_zpsgoa8qsbv.jpg
Uprooted and castoff agave plants, Southern Arizona

someone’s agave
uprooted from the backyard
and tossed out to die

Haiku and photo © 2016 by Magical Mystical Teacher
More Shadow Shot Sunday 2


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  1. Why is it that suburbanites have to have a perfect backyard of perfectly shaped shrubbery and such, not realizing that nature’s beauty is not its perfection and uniformity but its variances. This agave looks fine to me…I’ve never notices the shallow roots these plants have, looking perfect to grab all surface moisture in the dry desert. I learned something today but my learning came about due to the end go this agave…

  2. OUCH- that’s mean! Poor agave.

  3. Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio


    How ‘reckless’ to not replant it (or does it die after it does it’s thing?). Well, any way, makes for an intriguing image.

  4. had a banana uprooted today, but one of the gardeners took it to replant it

    have a nice weekend
    bougainvillea shadow shot
    much love…

  5. I am with Ralph on this one…The manicured, hassle-free garden tends to be the way of suburbia. Those plants that don’t fit the criteria are rejected. Some of my neighbours are keen on lopping trees into weird shapes so that they can improve their sea view – or worse, removing perfectly healthy trees altogether.

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