photo d401960b-da5d-4b78-b25f-26d5b33ab467_zpsujwmpszz.jpg
Yucca in bloom, March 2016, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, Southern California

In this desert climate
Days are getting warm—
Even yucca blossoms
Have become the norm.
But only for a season
Are the flowers bright—
When days begin to sizzle,
All things long for night!

Poem and photo © 2016 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade)

    Ah, we are just coming to the end of our sizzling days here, and beginning to enjoy some cool breezes at evening.

  2. Ah, yes! Lovely image, and timely warning/reminder.

  3. Same here, in this valley, we long for warm days, but all too soon they turn into scorchers.

  4. Easter draws near. Happy Wednesday Maggie

    much love…

  5. Even yucca blossoms
    Have become the norm.

    Such a powerful image!

  6. Sometimes the night is a comfort – sizzling is not fun…well..once you’re past a certain age maybe..

  7. Yes, night can be solace in the desert….love that photo to!

  8. What we see as good and bad are both essential for survival so long as we don’t interfere too much. Day or night and each season is beautiful in itself.

  9. Yes, I think when things sizzle, the night might bring cooling relief.

  10. When days begin to sizzle,
    All things long for night!

    One bears it for a little inconvenience or distraction.We are meant to adjust and be good at it


  11. Liked this one..Sizzling heat is very exciting weather…all the insects and snakes think so too…I prefer it to cold. I think that sort of heat brings about great creativity for a certain type of (mad:) person…I love summer.

  12. I’ve lived in the desert and you nailed it with beauty!

  13. Love your first stanza especially…how I yearn for heat and when I read how sizzling it can get in your parts, I shut my mouth…for a while anyway 😉 It’s been a while I have not visited. Hope you are well MMTeacher

  14. Oh, the extremes can be beautiful too.

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