photo DSC_0110201_zpslsalqowf.jpg
Bougainvillea in bloom, Yuma Pioneer Cemetery, Yuma, Arizona

Bright are the blossoms
Near the old tomb;
Brightly they greet me,
Banishing gloom.

Poem and photo © 2016 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Such beautiful words that brought me cheer should be etched on a stone for all to see!

  2. The contrast between the life in the blossoms & the death in the tomb is striking.

  3. yes they do

    Happy Sunday to you MMT

    much love…

  4. Life and death so close together, maybe that’s where we need the the bright colors the most.

  5. Neatly reminding us that attitude is a choice. Thank you.

  6. Oh, this is beautiful to think of those bright blossoms of hope in a location that holds so much grief….and I can see how they would banish gloom!

  7. What a great source of inspiration that cemetery is for you MMT.

  8. Blossoms are always a delight. Very rightly said MMT!


  9. You always manage to cleverly throw a pebble on the path.. show us brightness in the dark 🙂

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