photo DSC_0155201_zpsuqmhmzvv.jpg
Shrine to La Virgen de Guadalupe (chicken wire to prevent birds from nesting), Yuma Pioneer Cemetery, Yuma, Arizona

A little blue shrine
Is guarding the grave;
It stands as a sign
Of hope that all crave.

Poem and photo © 2016 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Very wise decision to use the chicken wire. Much too nice to let ruin.

  2. Some nice blues in that shrine.

  3. Such a pretty little shrine. Love the shade of blue.

  4. What a beautiful little shrine. Nice poem too, we all need hope.

  5. What a lovely shrine. The poem is true about all of us. Hope is important in our lives when life takes down many paths.

    Happy Blue Monday and thank you for linking today.

  6. How old is the shrine? what a lovely thing to see 🙂

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