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More Midweek Motif at Poets United: “Birds”

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  1. I hope h/she finds it in their smiles – this reader did 🙂

  2. That sadly is life; some of us are happy others not.

  3. This is GORGEOUS and makes me happy – to see their smiles, and to think of the little white bird.

  4. Such a delightful read 🙂

  5. the contrast is heartbreaking…hope the smile spreads all over the world and there isn’t a single parched heart….

  6. The beauty in the smile is unmatched…medicine.

  7. Ah! May the little bird also find joy!

  8. Nice! Both in Spanish and English

    Much love…

  9. Hopefully the little bird too will find what it needs.

  10. they look so happy in the moment…

  11. Sigh! Birds are finding less habitat than they need as a result of drought….hope the shortage of water doesn’t completely turn them upside down. Love the haiku…beautiful, MMT!

  12. These children give a hopeful end to the search for water. Drought is harsh on nature.

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