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~~ 1 ~~
ten million poppies
carpeting the soldiers’ graves
near the killing fields
~~ 2 ~~
innocent blood spilled
in a backstreet of Baghdad—
news at six o’clock
~~ 3 ~~
The soldier’s widow—
how can she ever forget
his empty left sleeve?
~~ 4 ~~
coastal snow flurries
in the middle of summer—
those wanton moments
~~ 5 ~~
summer wildflowers—
no one remembers the name
of the yellow ones
~~ 6 ~~
three dandelions
clutched in the little boy’s hand—
his Mother’s Day gift
~~ 7 ~~
aflame with desire
for something just out of reach—
teacakes under glass
~~ 8 ~~
single grain of rice
gracing the monk’s dinner plate—
enough, for a change
~~ 9 ~~
the stallion’s nostrils
flaring with indignation
at bit and bridle
~~ 10 ~~
a spool of white thread
covered with dust on the shelf—
seamstress in mourning
~~ 11 ~~
giving the old chair
another coat of varnish—
summer’s first full moon

Haiku © 2016 by Magical Mystical Teacher
More Poetry Pantry #308
More Sunday’s Whirligig #65

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  1. What a great selection but I think my favorite is No. 9 with the Indignant Stallion.

  2. news at six o clock… gives me goosebumps..everything is just reduced to one line in a mechanical voice… or not even that.

  3. Each verse reminds us how momentary significant moments can seem – and yet each poppy, dandelion and lost limb is perhaps remembered throughout eternity – like the mother’s day counts to those who count

  4. A lovely sequence of haiku thoughts, i find the ‘Summer moon’ most enchanting, that’s my fovourite today
    Have a blessed Sunday MMT

    much love…

  5. aflame with desire
    for something just out of reach—
    teacakes under glass

    Stirring and thoughtful write 🙂

  6. Always so much thought provoking in a few lines…loved them all.

  7. So many images… and those dandelions in the boys hand made me smile….

  8. I love the single grain of rice on the monk’s plate – and the dust on the spool of thread, “seamstress in mourning”. Very striking images.

  9. I too like the single grain of rice – for with one grain there is still hope for mankind…and the boy with the dandelions is precious…

  10. Simple everyday things that altogether make a rich kaleidoscope of colors, emotions, and thought. A beautiful collage.


  11. No 5 is lovely and no 9 is inspired.The glow of moonlight does look like varnish enhancing the ordinary.

  12. a wonderful set and no. 9 is stellar…could feel that infinite energy…

  13. So much heavy, powerful human emotion in these!

  14. this forced me to recall the void, the emptiness, the feeling of vapidness in the …news at six o’clock. reinvigorates the anger within for those inconsiderate minds that had sent us into war many never to come home.

  15. That was so exhilarating for me. Thank you!

  16. Splendidly written.

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