Anado's Virgin
Virgin of Guadalupe candelabrum by artist Anado McLauchlin, La Cieneguita, Guanajuato, México

the hem of her dress
blazing a way through darkness
thread by slender thread

Haiku © 2016 and photo © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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Posted on July 8, 2016, in 5-7-5, Anado McLauchlin, Guanajuato, haiku, Haiku My Heart, La Cieneguita, Mexico, Recuerda Mi Corazon and tagged , , , , , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 8 Comments.

  1. Ah yes ~ she is filled with light ~ lovely haiku ~ we all need her light to guide our way ~

    Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

  2. I just love this. So very much. It touches me dear MMT to the depth of my being. Thank you.

  3. Ah lovely!! this awakens many moments turning to Her for hope.

  4. I find myself reaching for her more and more, especially since I started praying St. Bridget’s 7 Sorrows of Our Blessed Mother.

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