photo DSC_0046204_zpsnu6qkrar.jpg
A stand of palo verde trees, Maricopa County, Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

on a sizzling day
taking refuge from the sun
underneath a tree
~~ ~~ ~~

Are trees better companions than humans?

Haiku and photo © 2016 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. what a lovely elegant photo.

  2. Ahhh… I can feel the shade already! 😀

  3. I’ve been to Pheonix in the summer – your words radiate with that heat

  4. It sounds, looks and feels refreshing!

  5. Alas, there is not enough shade to hide from the Sonoran heat – but that light green foliage stands out nicely against the grayish desert soil…

  6. I would have to say “No” to your six words. 😎

  7. A lovely photo, Teach! I prefer trees to (most) humans.

  8. as to your six words- in this summer heat, I’d love to have both. as for the poet Joyce Kilmer- there is nothing man can make as lovely as tree.

  9. Beautiful and peaceful, if hot.
    Yes, trees are better companions than humans. They listen and don’t judge. Or if they are judging, they keep their judgment to themselves.

  10. Lots of creative movement in your lovely shadow shot!

    Happy Daze to you ~ ^_^

  11. The trees are a delightful shade of mystical green in contrast with the blue of the sky.

  12. Love that color of green against the color of the blue sky!

  13. trees are much better friends in the out of doors.

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