photo DSC_0280_zpsiruhrd2b.jpg
Ironwood tree, Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

summer afternoon—
into the long emptiness
a mourning dove calls

Haiku and photo © 2016 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. “Into the long emptiness…..” How absolutely lovely.

  2. Hmm…yesterday I was thinking about emptiness too….talking about morphogenic fields…

  3. I like “into the long emptiness”

  4. gorgeous image, I love the coo of doves. It brings back warm memories of my grandma’s home. When I was there, I slept in the back bedroom with the window opened and a dove’s cry was my wake-up call.

  5. This picture is out of this world. I LOVE it!!!! So beautifully composed. It makes me think of ballet dancers moving gracefully from place to place with their arms moving slowly up and down in time with the music. This is a special capture for me. genie

  6. The beautiful haiku enhances the haunting appeal of this scene.

  7. love the empty, haunting feel of this

  8. once again, the haiku depicts your image spot on.

  9. aching loneliness has a void in it, so beautifully brought out by the single bird image…

  10. Oh so beautiful and poignant ❤

  11. Beautiful sadness.

  12. To a casual observer deserts are just that deserted places but to those that wait, watch and listen they are full of life and of course stories waiting to be told.

  13. Rosemary Nissen-Wade


  14. Lovely. The photo and your words drench the reader with a melancholy mood. At least, this reader.

  15. Melancholic.. love it.

  16. I luv this photo to which your haiku adds perfect resonance. I am happy you dropped by my Sunday Lime

    much love…

  17. sometimes mourning can feel empty

  18. Such a melancholy feel to this. Love it!

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