Bits and Pieces

 photo d0dd5ef7-030d-4c38-9b83-d4a0c4bbeff2_zpsuzpgjumf.jpg

~~ 1 ~~
leaning on his cane
grandpa in the nursing home
ogles the nurses
~~ 2 ~~
cat in the kitchen
unwinding a ball of yarn
with his white-tipped paw
~~ 3 ~~
rushing out the door
without glancing backward once—
terrified priestess
~~ 4 ~~
ravenous seagull
hovering near the dumpster—
last night’s crumbs for lunch
~~ 5 ~~
summer afternoon—
the ringing of clear laughter
from the neighbor’s yard
~~ 6 ~~
out-of-date lenses—
a minor blur in vision
makes him look again
~~ 7 ~~
rusting ship’s anchor
cast down at the water’s edge—
one crab scuttles by
~~ 8 ~~
old man’s rheumy eyes
flicker in recognition
in the nursing home

Haiku © 2016 by Magical Mystical Teacher
More Poetry Pantry #316
More Sunday’s Whirligig #73

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  1. Bits and pieces are the life blood of stories..maybe in gathering them up and telling them we get a little below the surface and tenderly feel them too

  2. What a unique set. Sad about the man in the nursing home…so seldom anymore the flicker of recognition!

  3. Such beautifully poignant stories.. each so vivid.. so intense. ❤

  4. love the scuttling crab against the rusty anchor…

  5. Love the different little scenes you paint… both humor and sadness… grandpa can be both ogling and lost beyond recognition…

  6. Grand pa at the beginning and at the end, makes a nice circle around these life stories haiku-told

    Have a nice Sunday MMT

    much love…

  7. EWach one so vivid. I especially like the cat’s white-tipped paw.

  8. Interesting after a week with the ‘kids’ you wrote about old men and ‘retirement’ homes. Made me smile even though the subject matter was a little sad.

  9. I loved the frame here–an old man–a cane and the nurses–

  10. love the glints that shine from each gem here….humor & pathos that make our life full…

  11. How nice of you to personalize No. 1 and 8 for me!

  12. Rosemary Nissen-Wade

    As always, your inventiveness delights me.

  13. Bits and pieces indeed… this set is engrossing and so vivid. I like how your covered so many elements and weaved a careful picture of each. Very well penned. 🙂

  14. How you connect the dots! The outsider viewing and reacting to the scene in each case is implicated in it. Beautiful details.

  15. lovely little vignettes of life.
    about the terrified priestess, wonder what she saw.
    i love how you open and end with a nursing home. 🙂

  16. Ah, it seems everything happens in nursing home in the one’s old head… very touching first and last haiku.

  17. I liked the fact the you circled around to the beginning. Very touching haiku.

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