photo 4e71a132-babc-4cc9-8e2c-220c8e9ad0e5_zpsbohjxhtg.jpg
Barrel cactus blossoms, Saguaro National Park, Tucson, Arizona

Haiga © 2016 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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More Poetry Pantry #317

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  1. “nest of blossoms” WOW!!!!
    Happy Sunday

    much love…

  2. most beautiful…words and photo both…

  3. Could anything be more like a nest than those wonderful cactus bloom..

  4. There seems to be a fragility here..a sense of gathering in the light whilst it shines and keeping it safe.. We hope that hoard serves you well if and when it is needed

  5. To me it is a reminder that blooms can be found in the most unexpected place.

  6. What a mixture of love and hate (or tempting and warning) there is in a cactus.

  7. A stunning bundle of colour. Lovely image.

  8. Such beauties are safest where the fewest can see them.

  9. what magnificent blooms! and I love your haiku- ‘hoarding the light’

  10. this is sooooo beautiful

  11. Beautiful pastels tones !

  12. Rosemary Nissen-Wade


  13. I like the hoarding of light.

  14. Lovely. In a pathless place there is SO much beauty!

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