Diary Entry

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O my little pumpkin-head,
How you thrilled me when you said,
“Bring me milk and bring me dirt—
I will teach you how to flirt.
All night long we’ll play at love,
While the wheeling stars above
Shape and shape anew our dream:
To have love our only theme.
Neither brick nor bird nor car
Will outshine that dazzling star,
Star that guides our hands and feet
In the ways that lovers meet.”
O my little pumpkin-head,
I’m still thrilled, though you are dead.


Poem © 2016 by Magical Mystical Teacher
More Poetry Pantry #318
More Sunday’s Whirligig #75

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  1. The last line threw me off my feet – but in a very good way.. bring me milk and bring me dirt is so impactful – i wonder if that last comma was changed if the story may feel different – nope, love it the way it is..

  2. “’m still thrilled, though you are dead.”…may be the fate they deserve….

  3. Oh the little pumpkin head!

  4. Yes, that closing line startled me….lol…….made me smile.

  5. Oh my, that ending really surprised me! A sad one.

  6. I liked the rhyme and the thoughts. The ending took me by surprise. Very sad.

  7. The last line threw the nursery rhyme poem into such a painful light, such a surprise so see a poem like this from you too…

  8. Yes, that last line startles the reader, but the nursery rhyme sounds also reminded me of an old folk song, lullaby I sang to my children, and then to their children. All about a little bird that lives on the wind and the only time she touches the ground is when she dies. Your words, and the song speak to a spirit that dances and breathes in all that is life and is remembered long after any death that occurs.



  9. Rosemary Nissen-Wade

    Oh – the ending was a surprise! The whole is very sweetly rhymed, nevertheless.

  10. A killer last line always is fun leaving the reader craving for more!

  11. Well you had me, until you killed my hero :-)hehe

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