photo DSC_0007201_zpszbtez0dy.jpg
San Juan County, New Mexico

in my friend’s backyard
a stark and barren piñon
clawing at the clouds

Haiku and photo © 2016 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. A beautiful photo to go with the words, MMT 🙂

  2. “clawing at the clouds” What a classy metaphor. Splendid write and I loved it to its core.

  3. It does look like it’s clawing. Perfect!

  4. This looks very Halloween-like. Love your words.

  5. Yes it’s got it’s claws out this morning. Too bad it is barren. I love pinon nuts.

  6. Clawing- perfect word for the description of these branches. So this tree is not just barren, but dead? I’ve never seen pinon nuts. Wondering if I might like them.

  7. I don’t know a ‘piñon’ but I love the shape of it… it is indeed clawing to the sky, beautiful haiku! Hugs from Holland

  8. One interpretation ~ of the trees ‘clawing at the clouds’ ~ well penned ~

    think I would of written ‘ trees reaching for the light or something like that ~ just of my thoughts ~

    Happy Creating ~ ^_^

  9. Makes me appreciate our (currently) lush green even more (as if that were possible).

  10. This is such a gorgeous picture painted in your haiku, supporting your photo, and and wowing me this Sunday morning.
    Have a nice day MMT

    much love…

  11. cloud rubs and soft scratching welcome!

  12. Oh, such a wonderful haiku.. claws at clouds and catches some drops of water in its nails.. Happy to be back here MMT..


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