Garden bench photo Sanguinettibench_zps9d5e2a03.jpg
Garden bench at Sanguinetti House Museum, Yuma, Arizona

midday trysting place—
our languid conversation
lingers in the air


Haiku © 2016 and photo © 2014 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. perhaps it will stay forever. or will be heard by others 🙂

  2. Mind you, we didn’t say much!

  3. Love it! I believe in the invitation of benches, and want more of them.

  4. Hmm.. midday trysts and languid conversation… perfect!!

  5. Love this! Such a profound write ❤️

  6. Makes me feel languid too. Love that old bench!

  7. Indeed, sometimes those conversations linger in one’s mind for a long time. I love conversations on benches, by the way! When I see one, I want to sit down with someone and share a chat. Enjoyed your haiku.

  8. A Haiku with atmosphere Great words

  9. What about the bench? Not forgetting it is privy to lots of confidential matters!


  10. So true and magically put. Those conversations can linger for such a long time.

  11. True and magical words for sure. Those conversations certainly do linger on and on.

  12. languid is a languid word. well done here.

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