Riffs on Autumn

 photo DSC_0246_zpsepmobajn.jpg
Cottonwood leaves with autumn color, Yavapai County, Arizona

~~ 1 ~~
her passion for trees
especially in autumn
when leaves turn golden
~~ 2 ~~
autumn afternoon—
hoping to find her lost keys
under yellow leaves
~~ 3 ~~
drifting near the edge
of a little woodland pool—
seven autumn leaves
~~ 4 ~~
autumn afternoon—
wandering with my lover
through the browning fen
~~ 5 ~~
autumn afternoon—
somehow the sky seems lighter
shrugging off the rain
~~ 6 ~~
late autumn twilight
making me blink once, then twice
in awe and wonder
~~ 7 ~~
With wild geese wheeling,
how can I count the autumns
that have flown away?

Haiku © 2016 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Especially love the last one… too good.

  2. Perhaps the leaves are the autumns passed.. or lots of special moments to scuff our feet through

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      I think I like the idea of scuffing through the leaves best!

      On Sun, Oct 23, 2016 at 5:38 AM, Magical Mystical Teacher wrote:


  3. This is soo beautiful! Especially adore “autumn afternoon— somehow the sky seems lighter shrugging off the rain” ❤️

  4. I think the 5th one speaks to me, the sky does seem lighter today in hues of blue after heavy rains.

  5. How to count them indeed… so many passed, so few that are left.

  6. WOW! We get a whole day! Solitude and togetherness and lost keys. (I count flight by my birthdays, though some have stayed.)

  7. Autumn says are special even though they are fleeting. No favourites here – I loved ’em all!

    Keith’s Ramblngs is 10 today!

  8. I love the little woodland pond. My daughter lives beside such a one. And oh that closing one! Hits home.

  9. I think of all seasons autumn is perhaps the most poetically inspiring. And, oh, if you lose your keys in the leaves, good luck to you! Smiles. And, oh, the colors of leaves inspire passion like few other things can!! Well penned set.

  10. I must agree that “With wild geese wheeling” is the the outstanding one for me. It contains such feeling in the images the word evoke.

  11. Wow, what a splendid series of haiku!!!

  12. I wonder about the seven autumn leaves, as seven is very symbolic..

  13. amazing riffs! My favorites are #4 & #6. stunning colors capture here

  14. late autumn twilight
    making me blink once, then twice
    in awe and wonder

    This gives a most captivating spectacle and it is truly an Autumn phenomenon!


  15. Rosemary Nissen-Wade

    I always love these – and today particularly the final one.

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