photo DSC_0251_zps5r8fqop4.jpg
Watson Lake, Prescott, Arizona

how the light plays tricks—
a mountain in the distance
seems to shrug and shift

Haiku and photo © 2016 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Yes, I can imagine those clouds passing by making the mountains seem to shift.

  2. a mirage of Halloween shifts

    much love…

  3. Monday WRites 81 is live
    You are invited to link in

    Happy Halloween

    much love…

  4. It just takes one awesome sight to make a great post. Well done as usual.

  5. Happy you Linked in at Monday WRites. Have a nice day

    Much love…

  6. Slopping shoulders of the low-lying mountains make for pretty scenery in the distance.

  7. VERY familiar territory….been to Prescott many many times.

  8. Thank you for joining Blue Monday today. The Link mixup has been resolved. This link is my challenge. Sigh!

    Your beautiful photo of Watson Lake is a very good entry for sharing blue. I would love to visit there one day.
    Happy Blue Monday.

  9. Lovely photo of a beautiful vista and intriguing haiku ~ thanks

    Wishing you a wonderful week ~ ^_^

  10. Wonderful photo and haiku. Love the image of a mountain shrugging.

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