Savage Tales

 photo IMG_3306_zpsx1kcgl2t.jpg
Seedpod of the nightshade, Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

~~ 1 ~~
a runty spring lamb
falls prey to two hungry wolves—
the blood-spattered snow
~~ 2 ~~
pressed close together
two siblings tremble with fear—
first storm of winter
~~ 3 ~~
bitter winter’s night—
she prowls about the hallways
unable to sleep
~~ 4 ~~
night-blooming jasmine—
inhaling the haunting scent
as we sip our tea
~~ 5 ~~
winter afternoon—
the first snowflakes remind her
of life’s brevity

Haiku © 2017 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. The passing of time – and hardships make for the most savage tales and yet, as always, you turn them into something beautiful

  2. The Datura in my garden has a similar seed pod.
    I have those nights too. Only the wolves aren’t real.

  3. Warm wishes as you weather the storm

    much love…

  4. savage indeed! great use of the form

  5. Winter storms, winter chill, the blood on the snow, the hungry wolves. Makes me grateful for my warm room.

  6. Wow!❤️ Love each and every one especially “night-blooming jasmine— inhaling the haunting scent as we sip our tea.”

  7. Winter is harsh, even for those inside.

  8. Your sharply defined snapshots make winter more real, than it was just a moment ago…


  9. However much life we have it is never enough. The night blooming jasmine seems out of synch with the others until we realise that there is joy and happiness in the smallest of things despite death being just around the corner.

  10. Winter is hard, you captured it well.

  11. Beautiful haiku! I loved them all. I must be living in the “winter afternoon.”

  12. Just beautiful. Love the photo provided as as well.

  13. A dark sky looming… Happy New Year. Your art is well honed.

  14. I have night blooming jasmin….very hardy.These are perfect !

  15. I think the flower also waits for spring !

  16. Calling by from Macro Monday, beautiful capture.

  17. Certainly a spikey seedpod. A grand macro.

  18. i couldn’t get all the photos to load…the first one did, tho. …It’s amazing

  19. I wouldn’t like to tread on that in bare feet

  20. Rosemary Nissen-Wade

    Winter seems to be a bleak and scary place – except for that comforting jasmine tea.

  21. Cannot pick a favorite this time. They are all beautifully descriptive.

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