photo IMG_2497_zpsdwenkvj1.jpg
Juvenile ironwood tree armed with thorns, Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

the pilgrims’ pathway
littered with thorns and sorrows—
still they stumble on

Haiku and photo © 2017 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. An interesting story you have written here in your haiku. The picture shows how formidable of a task they had before them.

  2. It is a difficult path indeed…

  3. They followed their heart.

  4. May their difficulties build character enough to reach their destination.

  5. No choice. We hobble on. Smiles.

  6. Makes me think of my favorite pilgrimage film, “The Way.” So many sorrows along that path, and still Martin Sheen’s character braved his way forward along the path, even though he didn’t understand why.

  7. Yin and Yang of life ~ much like the tree in your photo we are survivors ~ wonderful contemplative haiku ~ thanks,

    Wishing you a Happy Weekend ~ ^_^

  8. very prickly, I’d hate to touch those thorns. Reminds me of how we sometimes protect ourselves by putting spikes out so others can’t get to us.

  9. ever on ward. right beside you and your pilgrim heart.

  10. Yes, “stumble on”, that’s sometimes all that we can do, it can seem like we have to lean on the unseen to pull us through, perhaps this is the challenge? Thank you for your kind words and over at mine. x

  11. So true. Life has its sorrows Powerful photo!and its joys.

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