A Way Out

 photo IMG_2047_zpsfplie041.jpg
Debris floats in a backyard fountain.


Trying to breathe in this place,
close to the source of my grief,
while coins thrown in the wishing well
are glimmering and turning—
such madness!
I feel my right foot slip, and then my left,
something tightens in my chest.
Be still, my heart!
You will find a way out!


Poem and photo © 2017 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. This makes my breath catch in my throat!

  2. This feels like a nightmare… the falling while being constrained. sorrow can be like that.

  3. it does feel like a dream, one that I had recently where I am falling.

  4. Maybe instead of fighting your way out, lean further in; under the surface muck, maybe there’s some clean water … Here; I’ll hand you a fresh set of gills. 😉

  5. I know the feeling of hanging onto hope when hope is about all one has left………….and relate very well to “close to the source of my grief.”

  6. You have painted it well, this feeling so many of us are having right now. Thank you,



  7. The chest tightening seemed to imply to me unrequited love which was confirmed with the bribe of coins offered for resolution hopefully those actions alone were able for the narratot tosee things more clearly that there were still more fish in the sea (or pond or whatever). If however it is all about politics remember everything has a season.

  8. “Trying to breathe in this place close to the source of my grief” is a horrible feeling, but with time it passes. It just takes longer for some than for others.

  9. Fantastic and seamless use of the words. Well done

  10. You created a sense of hopelessness with your words…until the final line. Excellent.

    Click to visit Keith’s Ramblings!

  11. Beautiful!❤️

  12. A way out often involves a long, deep breath- but how hard that feels at times

  13. Be still, my heart!
    You will find a way out!

    With a heart in the expected regular movements, we just let them be! Not really a bother!


  14. Don’t do it, don’t leap! Lol! I do like your photo with your poem it’s perfect.

  15. The struggle for breathe , a survival plea. You’ll make it happen and breathing will be easy again
    Keep hope alive in your heart

    Much love…

  16. I feel the gasping after the stifled breath as if the gasp were the grasp that prevents falling. I am cheering for this soul’s success.

  17. My body tensed when I read this.

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