photo IMG_3594_zpsahrrnxs8.jpg
Winter sunrise, Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

the farmer’s children—
putting their faith in his hands,
the hands that plant dreams

Haiku and photo © 2017 by Magical Mystical Teacher
More Midweek Motif at Poets United: “Faith”

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  1. the last line is so good…nicely done!

  2. “In His hands, the whole world … ” Beautifully played. Planting and growing is a mystery.

  3. It is coming to that time of year when planting is on the minds of every gardener.
    I could melt into this sky.

  4. Ah, to have faith like children….beautiful MMT

  5. I love how simple yet subtle the words are. 🙂

  6. A lovely descriptive phrase!

  7. “The hands that plant dreams”….how beautiful!

  8. Yes that last line is so complete. Love this photo and the message.

  9. All things are possible when you are productive and set an example.

  10. Perfectly short and excellent. The question that comes to my mind, is who is the farmer?
    Thanks for posting!

  11. This is a very touching poem!! Love this perspective.

  12. Faith in a father’s endeavors will overcome other lesser matters!


  13. There’s farming in my family. Beautiful!

  14. Yum photo accompanies delicious verse.

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