photo DSC_0170201_zpsmnwvrwtj.jpg
A red leaf among pine debris, Lockett Meadow Campground, Coconino National Forest near Flagstaff, Arizona, autumn 2016

On the forest floor
even hidden spaces hold
both darkness and light.

Photo and haiku © 2017 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Nothing like getting a little touch of sunshine when least expected.

  2. More beauty from the desert!

  3.’s a beauty MMT…

  4. Especially hidden spaces, the home of magic and mystery! I used to watch for elves and fairies who live in them from my climbing tree. Now, I know I inhabit such a space as well.

  5. A beautiful descriptive haiku!

  6. Ah, this is true and lovely.

  7. I stared at this picture for a while. Your words then completed a delightful moment.

  8. Spaces where magic happens!

  9. Gorgeous – both the photo and the poem.

  10. Darkness and light = complete! Enjoyed this one, MMT.

  11. so very true. one compliments the other. as both are inside us and out.

  12. Every little space is up for grabs, no doubt about it!


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