photo IMG_5279_zpspt0emjfw.jpg
Saguaro cactus on the outskirts of Ajo, Arizona

A cactus alone on a hill,
When winter came, took a great chill;
It sneezed and it snoozed,
It freezed and it froozed,
That cactus alone on a hill.

~~ ~~ ~~

A lone saguaro
pierces the clouds at sundown
with its deadly spines.

Limerick, haiku and photo © 2017 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Terribly clever! Thanks.

  2. Only cactus I see are on our windowsill.Like the verse

  3. What a gorgeous silhouette. It does look lonely out there.

  4. Aw, poor cold cactus. No wonder it is so prickly. (Lovely picture as well as clever limerick!)

  5. Beautiful saguaro silhouette and sky!

  6. Beaut silhouette.

  7. Gorgeous sky shot with cactus silhouetted agains the sky ~ fun haiku too ~ thanks,

    Wishing you a peaceful weekend ~ ^_^

  8. Great silhouette of the cactus. A lovely sunset!

  9. I just love your desert poetry. You make it so alive!

  10. That cactus alone on a hill
    never quite imagined the thrill
    of opening the sky,
    with the wink of its eye,
    and you thought it twas a stab of its quill…

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      You’ve captured the scene perfectly, Lea! 🙂

      On Thu, Mar 9, 2017 at 10:39 PM, Magical Mystical Teacher wrote:


  11. Beautiful silhouette picture. Thank you for sharing.

  12. lovely silhouette as a contrast to soft colours of sky.

  13. I did so enjoy your limerick and Haiku!!! It’s been too long since I have visited you! But most of all I think you sunset is just breathtaking! Have a grand day!!

  14. I won’t attempt to pen any poetry for your lovely silhouetted cactus against a pink streak sky as the sun sinks over the horizon. Nicely done!

  15. the place it pierces-allows the light to flow out!

  16. Lea’s reply is perfect, so I won’t create my own verse. . . just say that the image of a beautiful sky is welcome here, where I am, because the sky here is gray and heavy and the Douglas firs are dancing. It’s a morning that, but for Oreo, I’d tuck myself back in bed and try to resume the dream of Robert Redford in my boudoir.

  17. ROFL…..! What a way to start the day with this hilarious limerick. Thank you.

  18. Lovely shades in the sky! was this around sunrise? or sunset?

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