Palo verde blossoms, Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

~~ 1 ~~
First weekend of spring—
an outcry from a boulder
startles the blind man.
~~ 2 ~~
First weekend of spring—
by reading classics aloud,
she consoles herself.
~~ 3 ~~
first weekend of spring—
beach boys beating their sandals
to rid them of sand
~~ 4 ~~
First weekend of spring—
exhausted, though the surf pounds,
she sleeps on the shore.
~~ 5 ~~
First weekend of spring—
she tries to name the birdsong
that disturbs her sleep.
~~ 6 ~~
First weekend of spring—
a flame in the eastern sky
makes the blind man flinch.

Haiku © 2017 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. tries to name the birdsong.. love #5… such a harbinger of spring.

  2. nice…many things are there to startle the blind man…he does sense spring…

  3. We are like blind men. Coming out of winter cocoons. Spring beauty startles.

  4. A blind man is compensated by being stronger in the remaining senses!


  5. Sleeping on the shore with a pounding surf in the background sounds like a perfect way to bring in spring…..I’d sign up for that method right about now 😉

  6. A progression of Spring moments, caught in words!

  7. Those birds disturbing my sleep… I know that well… even worse in a few week when sun rises at 5 AM…

  8. A beautiful spray of blossoms for this Sunday. And wow, very vivid imagery, sight and sound, on your poems.

  9. Ah I am definitely feeling spring in the air…in the words of your poetry today.

  10. The first and last are especially amazing. The outcry from the boulder, and the colours making the blind man flinch are very original.

  11. I also need that spring touch! enjoy..

  12. An impactful cascade of evocative images. I agree with Sherry, The first and last are particularly mysterious and compelling.

  13. I love that photo of a legume tree. I guess when the winter is too long, i inspires a lot to be very creative coming spring, including poems!

  14. Always thought provocative 🙂

  15. Rosemary Nissen-Wade

    You excel yourself!

  16. Awesome group of haiku and I loved that photo!

  17. Wonderful series of haiku! Love the photo!

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