The Dance

Dandelion, Apache County, Arizona

A stone by the road
sets the scene
for the dance.
Farther down the road
a man without elbows
plays a flute
with his feet,
panting out wild notes,
and the desert,
which has waited
since it was created,
begins to stir.
Could anything
be harder
than shrugging off the eons
to shimmy in the sun?


Poem © 2017 and photo © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. pretty, they brighten things up.

  2. Rosemary Nissen-Wade

    I don’t know about hard – it sounds delightful!

  3. A perfect dandelion photo. They remind me of childhood, the warmer months and fluffy seeds dancing on the wind.

  4. What a joyous weed the dandelion is. As a kid I loved them.

  5. This reads like the creation of worlds. The images are beautiful and shocking–just like birth–and the ending (which is also the beginning) is glorious.

  6. This has a shamanic feel to it, the flute player awakens the earth with the sole of his feet. The desert stirs to the sound of life.

  7. A delightful collection of words, dancing in the moonlight at noon, a flute player without elbows, and the desert is waiting, as it always has.

  8. I think the dandelion does not find it hard to shimmy in the sun! Well written.

  9. Wow, I am envisioning the man with no elbows playing with his feet. There is a girl on facebook with no arms who plays piano with her toes….your poem is intriguing, as it makes me sretch my view, always a good thing.

  10. I love the images and mood this evokes. Wonderful!

  11. Wow such gorgeous images here!❤️

  12. abstract and Interesting.

  13. This is the kind of dance I look forward to all winter.

  14. Beautiful words. Love the picture and I love the desert.

  15. Really like the photo, but your words move from the common to the shock of unusual and then back again. Wonderful writing,


  16. Whew! Is it hard to shake off the eons? Maybe there is a trick to it, something like resurrection, to help us with the dance. This piece has tons of power.

  17. Oh, the picture painted in my mind by your words!

  18. Beautiful, like a dance.

  19. ‘panting out wild notes’ – excellent image. Love this.

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