It is much too cold today

A worker wields a hammer in this detail from a mural, Prescott Public Library, Prescott, Arizona


It is much too cold today
to picnic with the ancestors.
Even the finches agree,
and they chase us away
from our customary spot
among the headstones.
We decide to visit
the little museum
by the bus station,
where two paintings,
side by side,
hang on one wall.
The first
depicts a carpenter
pounding nails
into a baby’s coffin,
while his scrawny apprentice
daubs paint on it.
In the second, a more
hopeful scene,
a brittle old man
smiles for the camera.
After all,
what does he have to lose?


Poem and photo © 2017 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. You really transported me to that museum and into the paintings

  2. Even paintings that might take weeks to complete can still capture a moment in time such as when the old man smiles at the camera.

  3. Happy and Sad play well together, on the Seesaw of Life.
    Have a good Sunday

    much love…

  4. Love the contrast at play here…

  5. This is so wonderfully vivid and captivating!

  6. That is a powerful contrast, the baby in its coffin and the old man with nothing to lose.

  7. Two paintings…thank you for this poem on Mother’s Day…picnic on the ground, on another day.

  8. The image of a carpenter building a child’s coffin… the old man have only himself to lose I guess.

  9. I love the thought of picnicking with the ancestors, and you took us along to the museum where we saw the two paintings. ( I much preferred the latter!) I’m partial to smiling old men!

  10. Museums certainly make us think of what was. Love your take.
    Anna :o]

  11. I love this poem. You sent my mind tumbling and whirling. So much space between those two depicted moments. Which will you choose?


  12. Wow! You can write 🙂 ❤

  13. Two paintings, each with its message of sadness and hope. Love your last line.

  14. Life is so full of these incomprehensible unanswerable questions….why does one die too young while another lives well into old age?

  15. You smoothly related a reality in life, MMT! Young and old in a balanced situation meeting life’s challenges!


  16. Rosemary Nissen-Wade

    A simple scene which, in your hands, becomes both fascinating and delightful.

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