Public Defender

Geese at Yuma Conservation Garden, Yuma, Arizona


This was on
the Daily Show:

Did you hear the one
about the public defender
who got confused
and represented
the wrong thief?
The charges were dropped,
but the thief ended up
as a lonely insomniac.
Which just goes to show,
I suppose,
that even a college-educated person
(I’m thinking of the public defender)
had better remember his (or
her) p’s and q’s
before he (or she) cleanses
(or attempts to cleanse)
the soul of another.


Poem and photo © 2017 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Well that is a bit of news that makes us shake our heads. Thanks for the Smile!

  2. I like your closing thoughts. Something to ponder …

  3. Can one truly cleanse the soul of another!! Interesting!!

  4. Hahaha…..

  5. Ha! And I love those geese….they just remind me of some geese that were in a Disney movie I saw as a kid…can’t remember which one now, but they were funny gossipy geese that wouldn’t stop talking as they waddled along a path together.

  6. I love these geese- look like a happy couple!

  7. Ha.. I guess no-one is perfect. The geese is a perfect representation.

  8. LOL

    Luv the white geese

    Have a nice Sunday

    Much love…

  9. Ah, the embarrassment of an overworked (or under-learned) public defender! Perhaps one of that pair is a silly goose?

  10. The geese is a simply brilliant representation!

  11. Yep, some clearing work is missed in this incident…

  12. There are some things we can never do for another. Like the write and the picture.

  13. Geese can be very territorial.Public defenders are notorious.

  14. Only a silly goose would think he, or she, has the ability to save anyone’s soul.


  15. Love the last few lines… they are so true.

  16. Well, in this day and age I would believe anything. Smiles!

  17. So many lawyers live in a different world so is it any wonder?

  18. Good lesson for all…bkm

  19. The law, I think, is imperfect enough to begin with – one might hope that, at the very least, the system can match criminals to crimes. Smiles.

  20. Oh dear! There’s no defence for doing what he (or she) did (or did not)!

    Click to read my latest tale!

  21. Tsk – you are funny!

  22. Rosemary Nissen-Wade

    Goodness gracious, what a lot of issues this raises!

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