Picture this

Detail from an outdoor mural, Prescott Public Library, Prescott, Arizona

Picture this:
a woman
full of innocence
finds herself
in a confining marriage.
She thinks to herself:
I am capable
of escaping this maze
and pursuing my dreams,
even though the huffing monster
edges closer and closer—
and she does!

Poem and photo © 2017 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. To laugh your way out of any maze sounds like a very good plan – I love the painting also

  2. Loved the mural with the poem and yes, you’ve set it down easy to imagine her escape.

  3. The picture says so much and the reality of so many marriages is expressed here. Wonder if there is a place for all its refugees…bkm

  4. Intention is everything….you know. Glad to see you writing more…longer…congs! 🙂

  5. Painful unnatural confinement and then release.

  6. Yet another look at the courage of women who escape, much like the one mentioned in my poem “Celebration”. Good write!

  7. ‘and she does!’ And what a relief!

  8. Yeah! Free at last, free at last!!!!

  9. A tale of triumph – it takes courage to make that leap. But not to make it is a worse option.

  10. Good for her, though I think she looks a bit like Margaret Thatcher…

  11. Good for her!

  12. Good for her i guess! nicely written

  13. I applaud her for being able to close her eyes and dream. Having been her, I can testify that there are monsters on the other side as well. Some even scarier, Thank you for this…


  14. Lets hope all such women get such happy endings…

  15. I am capable
    of escaping this maze
    and pursuing my dreams

    In trying times a gutsy lady can work out wonders as a defence. It normally works that way


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