A mural in Artists Alley, Ajo, Arizona

Listen to girls laugh—
no two are alike.
One’s laughter is sweet,
the other’s rings of deceit.
The best laughter
(think of someone you know)
surprises you
like hair falling
across your eyes
just as the blackbird
lifts off to fly
and all you can see
is a wingtip
and then it is gone.
Yet of life’s ten thousand joys
this is only one.


Poem and photo © 2017 by Magical Mystical Teacher
More Sunday’s Whirligig #122
More Poetry Pantry #364 at Poets United

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  1. True magic – i love every word and the super picture

  2. Delightful….you begin with the words that would not fit in my poem….I just it is because you were using them? I loved your poem.

  3. Oh how I love those closing lines….also the sight of the bird’s wingtip before it is gone……lovely.

  4. I love the visual expression of your very thoughtful words.

  5. This is lovely and a great use of the words.

  6. I absolutely adore the description. Perfect.

  7. I love listening to people laugh so distinct each is like a fingerprints of their soul.

  8. This is beautifully eloquent! ❤️

  9. Oh, there is something very special about the laughter of young girls, isn’t there! Such a happy sound….one cannot help but smile or join in the laughter with them.

  10. “…all you can see is a wingtip and then it is gone…”. A lovely image.

  11. Thus took me away and brought me back to a girl’s laughter.

  12. If only we could remind ourselves of those ten thousand joys more often when times look bad. Clinging onto the good is the best way to survive.

  13. The blackbird’s flight steals my heart! Beautiful.

  14. I love “…surprises you
    like hair falling
    across your eyes…”

  15. Rosemary Nissen-Wade

    A fascinating dissertation on laughter. I like the idea that life has ten thousand joys!

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