Broken dinnerware, littering the desert near Yuma, Arizona

Kintsugi master,
gather up these scattered shards,
and with your lacquer,
glue them together again,
more beautiful than before.

Photo and tanka © 2017 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. You perfectly expressed the art of Kentsugi

  2. I hope you didn’t break some crockery just to get a good picture! It is sad that these days we rarely get anything mended but just buy new as we have become so wasteful.

  3. Makes me wonder what that piece of dinnerware was doing in the desert…

  4. You could whip up a mosaic floor out of broken plates in your spare time:)

  5. Simple as the repair.

  6. Oh this is lovely. I miss the Depression glass my Grandma had, long years ago. I have the same prayer for this poor old world these days.

  7. Very Nice

    much love…

  8. Well pieced together tahka

  9. Perfect in our imperfection–beautiful write!

  10. Yes, that’s exactly it!

  11. Well stuck together 😉

  12. Oh that it could be so!

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