Detail of a carpet in a church in Wellton, Arizona

If a mighty flood should come,
Sweeping through the church’s doors,
Carpets would be overwhelmed
As would all the parquet floors.
When the mighty flood subsides,
Just as in the Bible lore,
There will come an olive branch
From the One who makes waves roar.

Photo and poem © 2017 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Nice carpet, but I think you forgot to attach the poem. The darned ad came on without prompt. Very annoying.

  2. We have always called it a natural disaster, now I think it is climate change? Will the olive tree still grow, will there be a branch at all?

  3. Hopefully it won’t come, anyway we live far from the sea !

  4. Ah yes, I like this flood of words.

  5. Once bitten twice shy. It might be the underwater creatures turn next time.

  6. Mythic, indeed. I wonder if there will, indeed, be an olive branch? I wonder if the church is an ark?

  7. Faith is our vessel to ride out the storm. Great write!

  8. I love the olive branch!

  9. Faith and olive branches – hope in the midst of storm.

  10. In spite of the ravage there’s soothing peace.

  11. Love this .. especially the olive branch 🙂

  12. The mighty flood has come and gone
    with a promise there will be no more.
    The Son of God will inhabit our hearts
    if only we will open the door.

    Have a blessed day.

  13. Nicely composed statement of faith.

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