The Fifty-Year Reunion

The fifty-year reunion
Was a time of deepest grief—
Some classmates couldn’t make it,
For they’d fallen like a leaf.
But others showed up eager
To shake hands and flash a smile
At classmates they had not seen
For more than quite a while.
Their talk was small and aimless,
And some people would not say
What was really on their minds—
Didn’t matter anyway,
For at the stroke of midnight
All the oldsters shuffled out,
Relieved the farce was over:
Nothing to write home about.


Poem © 2017 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Haha! Sigh. And yet, I haven’t been going to mine. By the 50th–no, by the 60th–I think I might.

  2. Meeting classmates after many years sometimes is such a let down!!! They might be thinking the same as well 😀

  3. Haha!! Never went to one. Never was interested in going to one, but this is probably how it would have been.

  4. Haha!! Never went t one. Never wanted to go to one, but this is probably how it would have been.

  5. wonderfully penned..I had gone to attend one of thirty years and yes part of it was like this only!

  6. Yes, yes, such long gap would definitely make it look like this. Very well put.

  7. Yup. That sums up mine too. Love this!!

  8. This very succinctly describes class reunions, in a wonderful rhyming cadence with a dash of sardonic wit. I loved it.

  9. I loved this one, very much like a couple of school reunions I have been to! Well Penned!

  10. I am impressed they made it to midnight. LOL. I turn into a pumpkin at 8 p.m. which plays hell with my social life.

  11. A really nice recount
    Happy Wednesday

    much love…

  12. I chuckled at your ending. I’ve never been to a class reunion. None of the schools I attended have class reunions. Guess I’m not missing much.

  13. Somehow this was comforting. Thanks MMT.

  14. Rosemary Nissen-Wade

    I have never been to one. Moved away and people would not have known where to find me. But I don’t think I ever wanted to go to one anyway.

  15. I have never had a desire to go to my high school reunion. I do picture them as being ‘farces’ and ‘nothing to write home about.’ Sometimes I am a bit curious though to see what people look like after all those years!

  16. Did this a couple of times last year. I had attended two different high schools. Cliques still existed. One of the cheerleaders of old had a stroke and was left with no short term memory. Others wanted to show their success, still. Surely, I thought, we had grown beyond this after 50 years.

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