DSC_0029 (1)
Mall in Yuma, Arizona

Someone saw a little dove
Taking flight to worlds above,
Rising frightened in her flight,
Rising in the day, not night.
Little dove, will you come down
From the palm where you have flown?
Or are you up there to stay
Through the night and through the day?

Photo and poem © 2017 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. I hope she found a safe perch.

  2. Awww…I feel for this bird. May her flight take her above and beyond! And the palm she sits on may it keep her on high forever!

  3. I hope she’s smarter than the doves who frequent my birdfeeder. They are forever flying kerbump into my window, and they’re very clumsy on the feeder. Maybe that’s why they have such a mournful call. Good luck to your little dove! Her husband is probably around somewhere. They seem to travel in pairs.

  4. Well expressed sad poem

  5. Doves are so lovely, and so is your poem!

  6. We are in need of them. Please do come back.

  7. Yes, as Sumana says, we need doves today more than ever.

  8. Doves, symbols of peace are certainly needed and shouldn’t be frightened off by two of the world’s leaders. Hopefully commonsense will reign.

  9. Sigh. 3 + more years. I am already suffering from battle fatigue.

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