DSC_0050 (7)
Autumn sunrise, Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

With a shriek of fright
a dove rises from her nest
and flees toward the sun.

Haiku and photo © 2017 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. I so love doves…..two of them were wanting very badly to come onto my porch for seed last week but the stellar jays ran them off. Sigh. Greedy jays.

  2. Beautiful words to go with such a beautiful photo.

  3. Beautiful haiku and photo. I’ve frightened many a dove on my hikes through the desert!

  4. In time, I hope! We must preserve the peace.

  5. There’s a hidden story for that flight above. Nice.

  6. Gotta admire you folks who get up before sunrise! You are generally rewarded…..

  7. the dove families are growing here in the arms of ancient pines. i love their slow flying….and their soft cooing.

  8. Whatever made gentle dove shriek and leave its nest will be sorry when I get a hold of it! Gorgeous photo!

  9. As always, a stunning sight. We have doves here occasionally, but they sound sad to me.

  10. Do doves shriek? I do not know that I’ve ever heard that sound. But I do know that rapid flight, and what a sky path of brilliance to follow…

  11. We used to have like thirty doves in our yard; but this year the numbers have declined after last winter. Not sure why though. Lovely image and haiku. Always love to see your posts.

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