DSC_0044 (2)
Robert J. Moody Demonstration Garden, Yuma, Arizona

Deepening autumn—
the dowdy old sunflowers
put on their last show.

Haiku and photo © 2017 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. It is that time of year. Love the haiku.

  2. and soon we will remember this as our autumn memories……………..

  3. Some sunflowers like to prolong the show, until that last petal bows.

  4. Dowdy old sunflowers past their bloom….I can relate to this:) Liked this one.

  5. Dowdy sunflowers! Ha! Very fine.

  6. Haha…that’s kinda funny. thanks for this write MMT.

  7. The bees are still finding some delight there…..I loved this, MMT. I saw some dying sunflowers the other day and think I will plant some dwarf ones next spring……..such sunny flowers!

  8. Ah yes! They are crazy with the love of light …I loved this beautiful haiku, MMT!

  9. great and what a show it is Gorgeous image

  10. …and what a lovely show it is!

  11. Yes, sunflowers are dowdy, aren’t they, especially their last blooming.

  12. very moving haiku, luv the last effort displayed by those Sunflowers

    much love…

  13. Oh, yes nature is really pulling all stops. Lovely!

  14. And still it’s a wonderful show!

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