A Christmas tree ornament in a Yuma County, Arizona church

The tamarind trees
capture stars in their branches
and won’t let them go.
~~ ~~ ~~
With a mended broom
she sweeps stars from the carpet,
pins them in her hair.
~~ ~~ ~~
So many stories—
more than the stars in the sky!
Who can tell them all?
~~ ~~ ~~
A spiral staircase—
just what I need to visit
the stars at midnight.
~~ ~~ ~~
The sunny courtyard—
underneath a wooden bench
seven stars huddle.
~~ ~~ ~~
Ignoring the wind,
she makes her way to the stars
and kisses each one.
~~ ~~ ~~
Solitary walk,
the pathway littered with stars—
who will sweep them up?
~~ ~~ ~~
To keep him happy
she stirs stars into his tea
and sings lullabies.
~~ ~~ ~~
We are clothed and fed
by stars dressed as grandmothers,
aunties and uncles.
~~ ~~ ~~
I have no father,
but my mothers are the stars,
nursing me with fire.
~~ ~~ ~~
Some fabulous bird
with seven stars in its beak
taps at my window.
~~ ~~ ~~
On the laundry line
she hangs seven stars to dry
and they wink at her.

Haiku and photo © 2018 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Stars are such flirts winking at us no wonder you have so many tales to tell of them.

  2. Rosemary Nissen-Wade

    Oh, oh, oh! How gorgeous, how magical! My immediate favourite of everything you ever wrote!

  3. Love this 😀 especially “A spiral staircase— just what I need to visit the stars at midnight.”❤

  4. Lisa at Greenbow

    Star gazing is rewarding.

  5. Yes – so many stories….who can tell them all.
    Enjoyed the last one – picturing the winking – I really miss laundry lines though

  6. Love each one of them… but I would love to have stars in my tea

  7. Stars encompass all our wishes and dreams! I tried but could not pick a favorite. Loved each one.

  8. Why seven, I wonder? And why a worn broom? Here is a narrator whose job is harvesting and tending to the stars again and again. What could be more wonderful that living our relationship to these parents of all?

  9. Stars are magical, arent they? What a fantastic write

  10. Wonderful post. May the stars in heaven watch over you!

  11. Sounds like my day 🙂

  12. Each one is so beautiful…….star magic!

  13. Love them all (stars are a fav of mine,) but this: Solitary walk,
    the pathway littered with stars—
    who will sweep them up?

    was so nice. I’d like to sweep them up!

  14. Oh, I love these! The second one is my favorite.

  15. kaykuala

    A starry story that keeps life moving in the right direction! Great take MMT!


  16. What a magical post 😉 I enjoyed each little micro story built it into a whole gleaming star

  17. These are absolutely fabulous! They made me smile, happy. Thank you. What a treat!

  18. What a delightful series!

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