It Is Enough

The malcontents keep telling us that the way things are
Is not good enough, and that everything must change
In einen Augenblick, as my German grandmother says.
It’s all right if the true believer flees the wrath to come.
It’s all right if you can’t stay upbeat when your mother dies.
It’s all right if you have to scramble for a living.
Let the hungry waves keep nibbling at the shore.
Let the rotten fruit melt slowly back into the earth.
Let the blackbird fly away, never to return.
It’s all right if you find enchantment in the depths.
It’s all right if you lose the key to happiness.
It’s all right if the one you hope to charm does not respond.
In this tumultuous world, where broken bones abound,
It is enough to whistle feebly when the lights go out.
It is enough to cause one sad child to laugh.


Poem © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher; revised 2018
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  1. This is great! And so true… Wasn’t quite sure where I was going to start with – but then you carried me on and through to a place of real wisdom and understanding of life as it is… For me, the most significant read of my day so far.

  2. Truth of life, I like the way it’s been depicted.
    Indeed, it is all okay if at the end of day we feel content.

  3. “It’s all right if you have to scramble for a living”.. sigh .. it’s the most difficult phase when one has to endure the anxiety of surviving every single day.

  4. Enough indeed – I love the change in form you have adopted here it speaks volumes

  5. I think the best wisdom is knowing life is enough, and we are enough….it is why there is such malcontent when we think it is not enough. This was so insightful and wise!

  6. I think that if we all tried this— maybe we would uproot misery…

  7. I like this. It is all right to feel however we feel about things…that is the message I take from this. And the days when we cause a sad child to laugh we should celebrate, as it is no small thing to take away someone’s pain.

  8. Oh this is wonderful. The best response to life – to live it! I love this poem so much!

  9. The message I receive through your words is that life has its ups and downs and we must find our way. There is truth and wisdom and any day you make a sad child laugh is a good day.

  10. Rosemary Nissen-Wade

    I love this reassuring poem. And indeed, how true!

  11. Heavy…on target!

  12. There is so much darkness in this world. When we sigh those moments of content, we don’t need to feel guilt. Living beyond the gloom can bring a smile and hope to someone who can’t see through it.

  13. Granny was right !

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