A Scream in the Night

A scream in the night!
Whose voice did I hear?
Was it a banshee?
It sounded so near—

Too near for comfort,
Too close to my head;
I think I will run
And hide in my bed.

Poem © 2018 by Magical Mystical Teacher
More Midweek Motif at Poets United: “Scream”

Posted on March 13, 2018, in light verse, Midweek Motif, Poets United, Rhyming poetry and tagged , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. Just lock the doors first and turn the lights off. However my guess its a wolf or stray dog.

  2. “Too near for comfort”….Sigh…

  3. Luv the choice of rhyme for this one. Happy Wednesday MMT

    much love…

  4. This made me smile. Love the rhyming.

  5. Haha. Exactly what I’d do.

  6. I wrote a dark one for this, couldn’t resist! Nice rhyme!

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