My grandson’s battered airplane no longer flies.


My 9-year-old grandson came home from school and said to his mother:
“I got this airplane from the treasure box today. It’s the first time all year that I had enough tickets to get anything. I spent some on lunch with a friend. It’s the first time I got to do that too. So I spent all I had left on this neat airplane that did loops.
“Then at dismissal, a 5th grader grabbed it from me and pretended like he was going to fly it, but he scraped it against the wall and bent the wings, so it doesn’t work anymore. He was a Purple Folder kid, so I know he has anger issues.
“Maybe I can earn some more tickets….”


A grounded blackbird
looks longingly at the sky—
three clouds bear witness.

Haibun © 2018 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    Awww, sweet little guy. Don’t you just want to smack that older kid. I guess my anger issues are showing. I have on a purple shirt. No kidding.

  2. Your grandson is already wise…”maybe I can earn more tickets.” He’s learning patience, compassion and understanding. God Bless him and you!!

  3. What a sweet and kind young man your grandson is. His understanding of “the purple folder kid” is amazing at his age. But the bullying has to stop with the school staff stepping in. Too much of that going on. I would hope that the teacher will see to it that your grandson gets some more tickets or replace his airplane. He deserves more tickets, and earned them, in my opinion, with his compassionate heart.

  4. Well, I got my wish for more of your desert birds, but this wasn’t what I was expecting! Your grandson makes my heart swell and your haiku tells of his wise beyond years patience that I have yet to learn…

  5. Ow, you sweet kid. So wise beyond his age.:-)

  6. What a precious grand son ~ you are blessed ~ lovely haiku too!

  7. Such a sad story, so sorry that his plane doesn’t fly any more.

  8. He’s a sweet boy. Hope he gets another plane soon
    Great haibun!!!

    much love…

  9. bless his sweet kind reflective heart.

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