Ice cream shop sign, Historic Downtown Yuma, Arizona

Ice cream is happiness, everyone knows;
It makes you all shivery down to your toes.
Nothing beats ice cream to light up your face,
And make your tongue tingle, and make your heart race.

Photo and poem © 2018 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    I love ice cream especially during summer. Such a cool tasty treat.

  2. Especially in the heat of the summer in India… heaven!

  3. A lifetime enjoyment indeed.

  4. That has been my experience. it leaves me wanting more.

  5. I like ice cream! It won’t always work, on the darkest day, or the darkest night…but maybe it helps?

  6. I agree – and here in Tofino, there is a chocolate shop where they make their own delicious ice cream in waffle cones, a definite treat.

  7. oh how true….a big bowl of ice cream is associated with childhood memories of happiness and carefree living!!

  8. Super cute. I have been having my share of icecream daily now that summer is here. I shall devour as many as I can before the clouds roll in

  9. Beverly Crawford

    Happiness IS to be found in the small things … so true!

  10. Your ice cream poem made me smile – ice cream happiness!

  11. on mother’s day late at night a strawberry sundae was my delight!

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