I lusted for some chocolate, ice cream, and lemonade.
I sought the finest bonbons that humans ever made.
I craved the smoothest liquors, the wine that’s called Champagne.
I went in search of something that would assuage my pain.
I found in using cocaine a potent anodyne.
It became a boon to me, although it’s not benign.
Alas, my strength was wasted on things that could not give
The freedom that I needed and would have let me live.


Poem © 2018 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    Danger danger.

  2. The structure of this poem works like a charm, one that drips honey in your mouth before it sets it on fire… Honey-lovers know how much they want that treat, so when we get to the fire, we understand exactly what the speaker went through. Ouch.

  3. The lure is clear,before the narrator reveals her fate. Ouch. A mighty fine write.

  4. lusting for freedom… that’s the eternal human state I think…

  5. “Alas, my strength was wasted on things that could not give
    The freedom that I needed and would have let me live”

    Luv how you ended your poem on the quest. Thanks for dropping by my blog today.

    much love…

  6. Chocolate to cocaine to freedom. A painful journey. Yes, nothing like freedom. Great lines MMT.

  7. Who needs cocaine when you can have chocolate paddle pops AND Mr Kipling’s cake slices at Christmas?I want the freedom to eat this stuff and go to the beach. That will do me:)

  8. A path that many follow, discovering the pain must be addressed at the root, is only numbed by palliatives. Well expressed.

  9. “Wasted Strength”…it happens everyday…we seek, and look for pleasure and satisfaction, never know for sure what we will find. Or how much it will cost.

  10. Pure wisdom the sacrifice of freedom for instant gratification….although how would live be without chocolate 😉

  11. It is so sad that there so many things to be addicted to that do no real harm and yet too many choose the ones that hurt and damage so much. Perhaps it is not physical satisfaction but mental numbness that is the lure!

  12. Freedom is something worth lusting for, and even more so when held in bondage to such desires in this world. A wise and lovely poem!

  13. A fine tribute to addiction — it’s pluses and ultimate end.

  14. ‘“Alas, my strength was wasted on things that could not give
    The freedom that I needed and would have let me live”

    Lessons of addiction penned beautifully.

  15. Lust in all its fiery , self-destructive forms….. never to add an iota of joy to life. Loved this!

  16. The perils of a life driven by lust.

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