Not on Any Map

not on any map
the road across the desert
stretches on for years
~~ ~~ ~~
they travel by car
their destination unknown
fleeing disaster
~~ ~~ ~~
a set of footprints
swept away by whipping wind
and the ocean’s surf
~~ ~~ ~~
near a wooden door
stands a wooden rocking horse
and a lonely child
~~ ~~ ~~
morning glory seeds
tucked into an envelope—
their hidden blossoms
~~ ~~ ~~
a tentative smile
after six weeks of sorrow
in the cancer ward
~~ ~~ ~~
hanging new curtains
to defy the brilliant light
of a summer’s day
~~ ~~ ~~
blackbird in the oak—
the greatness of his wingspan
as he starts to fly
~~ ~~ ~~
hapless refugee
her sense of wonder stolen
by a border guard

Haiku © 2018 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Especially love the desert rode stretching for years…

  2. Lovely!💜 Especially adore “morning glory seeds
    tucked into an envelope— their hidden blossoms.”💜


    I want to get the rocking horse and child together and plant a morning glory see. So much life in these snippets.

  4. The morning glories hiding their blooms and the curtains fighting sunlight… give this chain of happenings the sort of tone that leaves a soul sighing. And the ending, well… the sigh is muffled by a hand full of sand.

  5. So many lovely images for us to contemplate. The last one got to me especially. Such hope being dashed and turned to horror at the border. This is how he will pressure them into building that dam wall.

  6. Love the image, and how I tie a story of the road through the desert and the last one with the border guard.

  7. The line about the cancer wards really hit home. I’m going to be posted to oncology soon. I’ll have this image in my head.

  8. I enjoyed all of them especially the hanging curtains on a summer day.

  9. scotthastiepoet

    A series of sparkles here – so week done and nicely felt. A real treat of a read for my Sunday – thank you…

  10. Each of these is a gem of emotion but the last is so raw and fresh given what is happening now.

  11. The last one especially makes me sad…so many refugees coming in hope and then having their hope taken away and finding themselves imprisoned in the country where they sought freedom.

  12. wow, no photos, but lots of images.

  13. What great word images you have created in this haiku collection.

  14. Great images. So much of life.

  15. Within these verses are threads of sadness for the plight at our borders.

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