A few scattered clouds at daybreak, Riverside County, California

Crow from the mountain,
have you nothing else to do
but curse at the clouds?

Haiku and photo © 2018 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. I guess that crows just love to curse!!

  2. Very pretty morning sky!

  3. Great clouds in your sky.

  4. Lisa at Greenbow

    Hmmmm Maybe that was what the crows were doing here the other day. I wondered what they were so vocal about. The clouds. I will look up the next time they are having such a row.

  5. Liking your message!

  6. I wouldn’t think they’d find much to curse about those particular clouds.

  7. Load crow calls… will we listen?

  8. thank you for your place in my crow loving heart!

  9. Always a lovely post and remarkable poem.

  10. So crows curse. Well, Prince said doves cry.

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