I Hear a Lady Weeping

I hear a Lady weeping; it’s Liberty, I think.
Her eyes are red and swollen as if she’d had a drink.
No, more than one, a dozen, and each one toxic too;
The drink of great vexation—it’s such a deadly brew.
She’s vexed by Lying Donnie, who never tells the truth,
And by a feckless Congress that shows the poor no ruth.
O may this Lady’s weeping cease in that very hour
That voters marking ballots put Donnie out of power.

Poem © 2018 by Magical Mystical Teacher
More Midweek Motif at Poets United: “Lady Liberty”

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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    Brilliant. Lady LIberty isn’t the only one crying.

  2. Nicely done! May it be so.

  3. You tell the true of the dream, that he may walk away, get out,” do not pass go, go directly to jail.”

  4. “may this Lady’s weeping cease” This is a worldwide prayer.

  5. Beautiful and poignant especially on this day. May every voter in the nation stop the crying with a stoke of their pencils.

  6. From your mouth to God’s ears – and to the ears of all the voters. This is not an election to sit out, for sure!!!!!!!

  7. Sadly, the U.S. constitution may force Trump out, before the voters do, in 6 years time. Don’t even want to what the global mess that Trump will leave behind him. May the Gods/Goddesses have pity on us.

  8. Hoping her tears are not in vain. Luv that you chose to use rhyming


  9. You must not blame only Donnie as he was elected by millions of people from the USA. Let’s hope you all mark the ballot paper in the right place next time!

  10. kaykuala

    No second term for Lying Donnie? Working on it so very early in the day!


  11. Love the rhyme and flow that beautifully matches your honest and powerful message!

  12. Sitting here in Canada I despair at what is happening to our world. WE love to visit the US and have done so for years but have made a conscious decision not to go there this year.

  13. Just getting around to reading this while I am visiting with my sisters. They loved it as much as me.

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