photo DSC_0065_zpsjmql6lhv.jpg
Pyramid at La Cañada de la Virgen, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, México.

In ruined cities
the dragonflies still whisper
in an unknown tongue.

Haiku © 2018 and photo © 2015 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. This is wonderful! I love the unknown tongue.

  2. I wonder, what tales the dragonfly tells, about the humans that used to live there. Are they action/adventure, rom-com or something else Guess, we’ll never know, until we learn dragonflyese.

  3. Beverly Crawford

    I love how sparse words, well used, can conjure up great pictures. Bravo!

  4. I can imagine this. I’ve been in some of these cities. I’ve seen the dragon flies.

  5. ‘Ruined city’…Wow! Nice perspective….

  6. Ruins always create mystery and wonder in my mind. Beautiful shot and verse!

  7. intriguing place and great haiku.

  8. But if they fly across the border do the US dragonflies insist they learn their language?

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