A Quintet of Silliness

In the tundra you’ll not find
A stand of trees of any kind.
~~ ~~ ~~
A hologram is just the thing
To make the holy angels sing.
~~ ~~ ~~
Anyone who sings at dawn
Should just shut up and be gone!
~~ ~~ ~~
No parking in the garden, no parking close to trees!
But if I cannot park there, then tell me where, O please!
~~ ~~ ~~
Touch my lips and touch my crown,
Pick me up and set me down.
Let this be your lifelong task—
Is this much too much to ask?

Poems © 2018 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Delightful ‘silliness’…..nice to read this with a coffee!!

  2. A divergence from your normal style but were they waiting to escape?

  3. Enjoyed your silliness, may it continue all the days of your life.

  4. Lovely little rhymes, 3 is my favourite, Have a nice Sunday

    much love…

  5. Good ones. I agree about one singing at dawn. Even birds voud wait a bit!

  6. This is just delightful!💖 Love the second one 😊

  7. These made me smile. Love them!

  8. wonderful and playful

  9. Clever and fun to read!

  10. These were fun to read, playfulness on a summer day.

  11. I shall share the 3rd part of your quintet with certain blue jay that has claimed my garden as his kingdom (right outside my bedroom window). 😀

  12. Silliness is good. No, very much needed in this insane world, we live in. Thank you, for sharing brief moments of humour.

  13. Lisa at Greenbow

    These do lift the spirits. The tundra does have trees. They only grow about an inch high tho so you don’t notice them.

  14. Maybe your angels will sing at another time of day! You have picked perfect pet peeves, I think. O, “Pick me up and set me down.” Haha!

  15. Well there you go again…leaving your site with a “shit eating”grin. 🙂

  16. Fun read.. especially the hologram one!

  17. You are such a master of micropoetry!

  18. Such an enjoyable read!

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