Version 2
A summer day begins, Yuma County, Arizona.

Sizzling summer day—
the white dove will keep singing,
though humans grumble.

Haiku and photo © 2018 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. This is such a good reminder to somehow keep singing, to keep a good attitude, no matter what.

  2. Gorgeous photo and thought-provoking words! Hopefully we’ll be better stewards of the environment so the dove can keep singing.

  3. I love the tension between your mysterious photo and the haiku, yes we people grumble and the birds just keep singing.!

  4. Coming up or going down, awesome.

  5. A golden start to the day

  6. Sizzling about sums it up, and yes, the birds seem happy but I’m grumpy. Can’t wait for cooler weather!!

  7. Beautiful capture.

  8. No kidding it sizzling out there. It cooling down 20 degree this weekend.
    Happy Sky Watching

  9. what a start of a day!

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