Ponder This

~~ ~~ 1 ~~ ~~
Why pretend that parents are wise beyond all telling?
I say this for the record: Something rotten I am smelling!
~~ ~~ 2 ~~ ~~
If police come knock, knock, knocking, and the census taker notes
That you are a foreign person, board your boat while it still floats!
~~ ~~ 3 ~~ ~~
In the poor, white cardboard shanties gold and silver may be found,
But take care, O treasure seeker, that the gold does not confound.
~~ ~~ 4 ~~ ~~
Do not ditch the native speaker,
You’ll be glad that she’s around
When the jungle vines come creeping,
And your own tongue can’t be found.
Who can make sense out of nonsense?
Who can make hell holy ground?
Only those who speak the language
Of the things that make no sound.

Poems © 2018 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Some strong messages here. I always love your poetry and these ones are no exception.

  2. I think the first one comes from a teacher’s experience… 🙂 love the other wisdom too… we need each other, how else can we understand what’s being said?

  3. Wonderful, the most wonderful of all being those wise closing lines. Loved it, as i love the things that have no sound.

  4. I love these ponderings .. especially the third which got me thinking 😊

  5. Such wise lines of poetry these are. Powerful lessons.

  6. I like them all; the last especially. The last two lines make it almost mythic.

  7. Well there are certainly some wise words here Magical. Sadly the governance of the US is sending shudders thoughout the world. Fear is a terrible weapon to use in a country.

  8. Well-worded; especially loved the last one.

  9. An excellent set! And you are right, parents are not always wise (Except for us,of course!)

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