Ask the Bucket

Ask the bucket what it knows;
Ask the water where it flows.
Call the fish forth from the stream;
Call the widow from her dream.
Tap the teapot, swirl the tea;
Tap the night dreams, flowing free.
Wash the dishes, light the lamp;
Wash your face, but leave it damp.
Climb the stairs up to the roof,
Climb, because you need no proof
That your life’s about to end—
Ah, I wish you well, my friend!

Poem © 2018 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Well that was an unexpected ending. All in good time please!

  2. Ouch! What an end! A good one 🙂

  3. I love the rhythm and flow and yes a twist of an ending

  4. that was a quick shift from tea to death… oh boy!!

  5. Up until the ending I was feeling it would make a good children’s story; it had a ‘carry you along’ meter. Probably best not share with the kids.

  6. That was an enjoyable read. The ending took me by surprise. Smiles.

  7. Gosh that closing line was a bit unexpected 😊 Powerful write ❤

  8. Your poem is like a child’s rhyme or a spell. I love the rhythm and rhyme of it, and the cheerful message at the end.

  9. Eek. I agree–this is like one of those nanny-by-the-fireplace scary children’s stories. Great write. 🙂

  10. Luv this rhyme. Thanks for dropping by my sumi-e Sunday today MMT


  11. I enjoyed the rhythm and rhyme of this. Loved it.

  12. The way you used the rhythm, rhymes and repetitions lured me into believing that it wouldn’t end so darkly…

  13. Oh, that twist ending works so well here. The rhythm is playful and the rhymes creating an action-filled pace.

  14. Yikes! Halloween is in the air. Very creative (as usual : )

  15. This puts me in mind of the Poem, Little Orphan Annie – An’ the Gobble-uns ‘at gits you Ef you Don’t Watch Out!

  16. Kestril Trueseeker

    Macabre twist ending, perfect for fall

  17. That last line packed a punch, so fun to read.

  18. Wow, a nice sense of inevitability built up here in the regular rhyme and metre, and the almost folk-tale feel of the (nevertheless very original) phrases.

  19. Very rhythmical. Can imagine a side drum accompaniment to this poem recited.

  20. Intriguing. I told myself a little story with your rhyming images–and then had to chnage it totally, or only the water in the bucket would have perished.

  21. There must have been something extra in that tea. What a shock!
    Love the rhythm of this poem.

  22. Oh so well done, love the excellent if unexpected close.
    Anna :o]

  23. very good word flow.

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